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Zero1 2GO is brought to you by the Zero1 team, a licensed Singapore Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that provides local mobile plans with no contracts. We strive through the development of life solutions by making it #AllAboutYou, and ensuring that you receive #OnlyTheBest of what we can offer. With that, we believe that you can focus on living your life with #ZeroLimits. 

How Zero1 2GO Travel Data SIM and eSIM works

Follow these 4 simple steps 2get started! 

How Zero1 2GO Travel Data SIM Card and eSIM works - Select travel destination

Start by selecting your ideal travel destination

How Zero1 2GO Travel Data SIM Card and eSIM works - Select SIM type

Select either a physical SIM or eSIM and make your purchase

How Zero1 2GO Travel Data SIM Card and eSIM works - Load SIM into phone

Download eSIM profile or insert SIM card into your mobile phone

How Zero1 2GO Travel Data SIM Card and eSIM works - Connect to preferred network

Simply connect to the preferred destination network

Frequently Asked Questions

A Travel Data SIM is a prepaid SIM card designed specifically for international travellers. It allows users to access mobile data networks outside their home country without high roaming fees. Travel Data SIMs tend to be less expensive than traditional roaming services, and offer more convenience over local SIMs as they can  be purchased online before travelling. They are operator-independent and can be used with unlocked smartphones and devices compatible with the network of the destination countries.

A Travel Data SIM is a prepaid SIM card specifically designed for travellers to use mobile data abroad. It offers predictable rates as data plans are purchased in advance. It can also include coverage for multiple countries under the same plan. As the Travel Data SIM is a physical SIM card or an eSIM, users are required to change their SIM card or install an additional eSIM for the services to work.

Roaming is a service usually provided by your home mobile network that allows you to use your mobile services in another country with your existing SIM card. Roaming charges are usually more expensive and its availability can vary widely depending on your mobile operator.

Zero1 2GO is an online platform based in Singapore that offers travel data SIM cards and eSIM packages. We provide convenient access to mobile data solutions tailored for international travelers. 

The Zero1 2GO platform is operated by Zero1 Pte Ltd, a licensed Mobile Network Operator (MVNO) in Singapore that provides local mobile plan and phone bundles. 

Zero1 2GO simplifies travel with convenient online access to global SIM cards and eSIMs, offering flexibility, cost savings, and seamless online and offline activation.

To purchase a travel data SIM card or eSIM package on Zero1 2GO, simply browse, select, and checkout online. Activate your chosen plan either by inserting a physical SIM or scanning a QR code for eSIMs, and start using it immediately for seamless connectivity while traveling internationally. 

Zero1 2GO offers global travel solutions through traditional SIM cards and eSIM packages, ensuring seamless connectivity for international travelers. Choose from a variety of data plans and voice bundles to stay connected effortlessly wherever you go.