Jumbo Mobile Plans

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Zero1 Jumbo plans are non-contract 4G mobile plans with a 30-day validity. They can be renewed early should you have finished utilising your allocation. The 30-day validity will be adjusted to start on the day of your renewal. Should your plan expire before your renewal date, any unused data, call minutes or SMS will be forfeited.

Local Mobile Plans

Zero1 Jumbo Plans

Zero1 Jumbo Go


  • 100GB data
  • 500 minutes Talktime (Outgoing, local)
  • 50 SMS (Outgoing, local)
Zero1 Jumbo 100


  • 100GB data
  • 800 minutes Talktime (Outgoing, local)
  • 100 SMS (Outgoing, local)
  • 500 IDD minutes to Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines

^Pay-as-you roam & on-demand IDD services are not available for Zero1 Jumbo Plans.
Mobile data, outgoing talktime minutes and outgoing SMS allocations are capped and unexpired allocations will be rollover upon renewal.

Zero1 - How to make jumbo payment
A guide on

How to make payment for Zero1 Jumbo plans

You can pay by using a credit card or debit card, which allows for auto deduction during plan renewals. Alternatively, you can use your banking app to make a payment with PayNow. Lastly, you can head down to our Customer Service Centre for making cash payments.

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