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Today, you have access to affordable travel data with Zero1 2GO, regardless of who is your current primary mobile provider. Enjoy the freedom to explore the world without being constrained by roaming data limits. We believe that travel should be about embracing new experiences, connecting with people, creating memories, and not worrying about unexpected data charges. Say goodbye to expensive roaming charges now. 

About Zero1 2GO

Live life unbounded with Zero1 2GO

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Making sure you have access to mobile data while travelling is always challenging – expensive roaming data cost, loss of mobile connectivity, searching for a local SIM vendor at your destination of travel, and needing to constantly search for Wi-Fi. Those are some issues we have all experienced, and that’s a terrible feeling.

We seek to change that with Zero1 2GO. Here, we offer a wide range of competitive Travel Data SIM services to countless destinations around the world.

You can choose to get either an eSIM or a physical SIM card (if you are located in Singapore), select your desired travel regions or countries, pick your required data size, and VIOLA! Mobile data is served once you are connected to the network.

Today, you can start making new memories and live your life unbounded. 0, 1, 2, Go kickstart your ideal international travel experience now!

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Unleash your life with #ZeroLimits

At Zero1, we believe that your mobile plans should empower you, instead of trying to tie you down. They should also be simple to understand and can allow you to add more features as needed, without fixed monthly contract obligations.

With that principle, we set out in 2017 to develop mobile-related life solutions by making sure they are #AllAboutYou. Licensed in Singapore as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Zero1 is the first to provide the most affordable mobile plans with unlimited data.

We’re driven to ensure that you will receive #OnlyTheBest of what we can offer, so you may live your life with #ZeroLimits.

Today, we have one of the most subscribers for an MVNO that’s located in Singapore. We are regularly the top-rated MVNO by IMDA on handling customer feedback for 2022. In the same year, we were also the first MVNO to officially launch 5G services. On top of our mobile services. we also provide lifestyle solutions to our users through strategic partnerships with eRemit, OPPO, Gain City, MSIG and Bongo.

Find out more about Zero1 on our main website.

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