Bangladesh – 3 GB
30 Days

Bangladesh – 3 GB


Zero1 2GO - Bangladesh Travel Data SIM card and eSIM
S/N: 566910570146
Discover the beauty of Bangladesh. Explore the lush Sundarbans mangrove forest, visit ancient Buddhist Viharas in Paharpur, and experience the vibrant culture and cuisine of this South Asian gem. Get your 3GB Bangladesh Travel Data SIM card and eSIM today.
  • Service Validity
    30 Days
  • Plan Type
    Data only
  • Top-up
    Not Available
Do ensure that your device supports eSIMs if you are getting an eSIM package. You may check if your device supports eSIMs here.
Robi Axiata [4G]

Your service is valid for the duration of the plan. 

e.g. If you have purchased a 7-day SIM card, and activate it on 01 Jun at 09:00, it will be valid until 08 Jun at 09:00.

Service is deemed activated upon first connecting to the destination network.

Do note that the Travel SIM Card will expire 90 days from your purchase date, regardless of your service validity.

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